1. Come Home
2. Same Stars We Shared
3. The King
4. My Favorite Work of Art

Composed, written, arranged and produced by Inne Eysermans
Additional vocal arrangement on Come Home by Bram Vanparys

Vocals, piano, keys, guitar, drums and programming by Inne Eysermans
Vocals on Come Home by Bram Vanparys
Guitar on The King by Sebastiaan Van den Branden
Upright Bass on The King by Hilke Ros
Glockenspiel on The King by Christophe Claeys
Violins on My Favorite Work of Art by Iris Eysermans

Recorded at Inne's parents home, except for The King which was recorded at De Bijloke studio
Recorded and mixed by Inne Eysermans
Mastered by Manon Cheniot at Studio Paris, Antwerpen

Artwork by Femke Vanbelle
Inserts by Ann Eysermans, Rinus Van de Velde, Sabien Ceuppens and Femke Vanbelle

Released April 17, 2010 (Amatorski/Motion Music/Vynilla Vinyl, 001)
& 2013 (Amatorski/Motion Music/Crammed Discs, cram 200)

listen to Same Stars We Shared (bandcamp)